Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday (WIW) is now back but with a difference. The restrictions of posting have been changed and now you can enter your 'wants' any Wednesday you like!  Simply start your post with the title 'Want It Wednesday' followed by your product (e.g. Want It Wednesday - Cannondale Team Bike) so I can see it in my news feed and know you've done one. The posts can be on anything cycle related (clothes, parts, bikes, riding area etc) Could you in your post then link back to this blog.

Easy so far?  I will then return the favour.  I will now post on this page your WIW as well as a link back to your blog.  This will remain here for others to see any time they visit my page, it also means other users can see who else is taking part and see what they are writing about. You can see this with the eaxample(s) below

It's all a bit of fun, and will help you with your traffic feed as well as finding new followers for your blog, as well as giving you something different to write about. 

So why not give it a go!?

Want It Wednesday List

My PhotoTrainin' on a Prayer: A Singlespeed and a Tattoo
10th April 2013

My PhotoMerry*Death on a bike: Lazer Genesis Helmet
10th April 2013

My PhotoCyclofaddiction: Engin Bikes Single Speed CX Bike
20th March 2013

My PhotoMerry*Death on a bike: Spring Break at Rays MTB
13th February 2013

My PhotoTrainin' on a Prayer: Surley Karate Monkey
 23rd January 2013

My PhotoTrainin' on a Prayer: Rapha Winter Collar
 16th January 2013

My PhotoMerry*Death on a bike: Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Saddle
1st January 2013

My PhotoMerry*Death on a bike: The Maloja MatilaM Skin Suit & Some Courage
12th December 2012

My PhotoKeep Pushing Those Pedals: Knog Lights
6th December 2012

My PhotoMerry*Death on a bike: The Search for the New Mountain Bike Part 1
28th November 2012

My PhotoCycleofaddiction : Biciclista Clothing
21st November 2012

My PhotoTraining on a Prayer: Giro Sica Shoes
14th November 2012

My Photo
Merry*Death on a bike: FMB Tubulars
 7th November 2012

My PhotoCycleofaddiction: TRP REVOX Carbon
1st November 2012

My Photo
Racerwannabe: Garmin Edge 800
24th October 2012