Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Painted On-One Scandal 29er Frame 2012 edition

I've been a away from my blog a bit too much recently, sorry about that.  I'm don't race during the winter and so haven't had much to write about. I have, however, been concentrating on getting my Scandal frame painted and ready for building up.

Painting the frame has been a labour of love on my behalf.  I've never painted a bike before and after reading up on how to do it from many sources I got to work putting on the primer, paint and then lacquer.  There were a few small mistakes made along the way but after sanding these were sorted out and as the main colour went on I was starting to produce a smooth result.  The final results I'm very pleased with.  I've had to be soooo patient in between coats and sometimes re doing something and then going back and redoing the paint followed by more waiting for it to dry.  It ended up taking two weeks in total!

Anyway here are some photo to give you a taster as to how its going.

The decal colour was a hard one to decide on and in the end I went for white which I'm really happy I did. Of course the head badge finishes it off beautifully.
The On-one carbon forks have also been painted in the same colour and are nearly finished.  I noticed that the lacquer hadn't really covered certain parts of the fork well and so it needs another coat. (shame I've run out and need to go buy some more!)
I will end up putting most of my finishing kit from my current bike on to this just get it in a ride-able state.  I'm waiting on rims and to get them built.  Eventually, the stem and bars will be hi polished silver ones the same as my new Thomson seat post.  I'm very excited and wish I had the money to do it in one go!



Your hard work and patience are definitely paying off and the frame looks great! And that head badge is so elegant.

Can't wait to see the completed bike Jez. The frame looks amazing.

So flippin' cool - now, go get it dirty!

Top marks Jez, looking good love the head badge. Looking forward to seeing it when it's built. I know how it feels to only be able to build your bike up when the funds allow, I'm very close to finishing mine, just waiting for the wheels to be built then i'm done i'll send you a pic when its finished...

Thanks! I'm waiting on a 1.5 crown race then I can put the forks on and cut the steer tube down to length. Stem, bars and brakes can then go on. I'm awaiting a stans ztr crest rim and spokes which I'll build to go on. Just have to sell the rest off to buy the front rim and tyres then!

Hi Jez, seeing what a lovely job your making has planted a seed in my head to do something similar with my frame, i'm toying with doing a black powdercoat but enquiring with on one about decals they say they don't stock them so my question is where did you get your decals ?

I paid £40 to get my Bonty frame stripped and coated & it took them 2 days. Well worth is when you factor in the time and cost of a DIY job. Much harder wearing too.
I can recommend Gil at The Cycleshed (google it) for decals; he will do pretty much anything you want. Does loads for the Retrobike crowd.
Matt B

David, I got them off Ebay but to be honest the guy I used was nothing more than hassle and he got my order wrong twice. The decals are a bit on the thick side to. But it would appear there are no other sellers. However, you may have some luck with local printing companies who could copy the design.

Think next time Matt I will do that. Can say I've done it at least once, but probably not again.

Hi Jez, do you know how I can ask Matt where he got his frame done ?

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