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Eclipse Custom Made Cycle Clothing

Recently I formed a group on facebook called North East Single Speed. It's aim was to get together a group of like minded individuals to share thoughts, go on rides and socialise. I know in the group there are some who will just do casual rides but then there are those like myself who would like to race. On a trip to one such race I was travelling with a friend and we were discussing how cool it would be to have our own team kit so that we would be recognised at races and group meetings. I explained that I'd already had a quick look and even had ideas for the design but sadly most of the companies would only allow you to order in bulk and we'd have to have more willing buyers before it could be considered (Read More)

Camelbak Octane 18x

I have recently received the Camelbak Octane 18x for my birthday and so thought I'd share my views on it with you.

I have for 14 years been an avid fan of Camelbaks and have owned several for different reasons. I've currently got a Rogue and a Hawg. The latter has been with me for years and been excellent for both my longer off road adventures and my daily commute to work.

I got mine in this black with yellow trim colour, although you can get it in red and grey and luminous yellow. Despite it having a similar three litre bladder and 18 litre capacity to my Hawg, the Octane is a totally different backpack. The reason for this could be down to its original purpose for hiking, walking, and trail running. (Read More)


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