Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Want It Wednesday #5 - Poshbikes Titanium Cassette

Holy Cow is it two weeks already?!  Blimey.  Well this time I have been actually looking for something more practical than the usual dribbly and desirable bits of kit.  This week I want a..........chain.  Yes the humble old chain and I suppose for that matter a new cassette too as ever good practice to replace them both.  I know some riders who replace their chains regularly so they don't have to change the cassette as well but I'm rubbish and after two years I don't need a chain checker to tell me that the chain is stretched to a point of comedy. (a large gap has appeared where the chain sits on the bottom of the doesn't fit!)

So this is what I want :)

So here we have it.  One beautiful shiny Titanium Nitride £320 road cassette from, and on it this £220 Titanium Wipperman Chain.

Not sure how practical titanium is?  However, as I'm an average bloke with an income that no where near matches such a lavish lifestyle, I will instead be buying a SRAM Chain PC1031 which I've seen for £18.99.  Somewhat more reasonable!!

You Can see Pauls Want It Wednesday here.  Good find!!!!

If you too would like to be part of this bit of fun then now is your chance.  All you have to do is go to my 'Want It Wednesday' tab and fill in your link blog and name.  That way people can visit your site to see what you've been blogging about.  The idea is that firstly its a bit of fun and gives you something else to write about but also the more people that take part the more traffic you'll have to your blog and hopefully gain more followers which can't be a bad thing!



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