Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Race Against The light

"Lazy Jez" I told myself this morning.  "Go out and run".  "Noooooo" my legs and I said, "let me lie on the sofa and play on the PlayStation and eat junk food "  Its been nearly a month now since I got out and did a good trail run, too long to go without and I knew I'd suffer for it.  And when I my exercise 'Gremlin' finally booted me out of the door, I realised that yes I was right.  I suffered.  It wasn't a long run but the three mile course is hilly and technical some of the climbs being sheer banks.  My average pace was down on my usual longer run and I never got into a comfortable rhythm. My lazy gremlin was adamant that I should just stop and walk (much easier........look theres a nice bench..........you should have stayed at home).  Damn you gremlins.

Still if that wasn't enough I then had a six mile commute to work on the bike......stupid me ending up setting off too late to work.  I had to make sure I set a good pace but behold, if the gremlins aren't out to get me then by some cruel twit of fate the wind gods were blowing against me.  Curses.  Surprisingly though my legs felt fairly sprightly, warmed up even and I maintained a good speed and rhythm  I felt good......I........felt good?  Blimey that makes a change I usually suffer like hell in the wind.  I got to work in plenty of time, although I had to admit to noting some fatigue in the last mile.

Home time.  Holy cow.  Wheres the #'$%ing light going.  Oh.  7:00pm and the sun was already going down.  An issue if you haven't got lights on your bike.  Which I hadn't. I got changed with speed.  Seriously if I didn't I was going to face a dangerous ride in the dark.  Outside cars had their headlights on.  My fluorescent windproof was going to be my only saving grace here.  My legs felt tired from standing all day but I had no choice.  I was going to have to ride, and ride fast.  The wind was at least in my favour. 

I buried myself.  I rode as hard as my skinny legs would take me, legs burning as I turned over the cranks, powering out on the climbs.  I'm sorry to the riders I blitzed past, not even having the breath for a cheery hello.  I'm sorry to the speedwalkers I nearly run over, the dogs the vehicles I blocked getting past me but in the end I got back.  The sun had all but nearly set.  I was safe.  The ride home was one of my quickest yet.

Tonight I'm tired. Tonight I've earned my beer and chocolate.  Sorry legs.



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