Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fox Racing Shox - Smart Pump Concept

The qr code on a fox f32 series fork:
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I like new technology when it comes to bikes.  Granted I've grumbled at certain things (my latest being 29 inch wheels). I truthfully never really liked full suspension when it first came out, but then it was totally pants at the time and as designs became better I liked it more.  I'll probably like 29ers soon too.......

Some of you who read around may already be aware of this new tech but I thought I'd share it on my blog. This is a concept idea from Fox Racing Shox, which they were showing off at the 2011 Interbike. The Smart Pump.  Rather than trying to explain it all in detail, and probably making a hash of it I thought I'd show you a video demonstration of it instead.

This is obviously not a released product yet but if this is the future it would be great.  Ok granted it may not be useful for the average rider, that is yet to be seen.  But this could be used in bike shops to help get riders set on their bikes before leaving the shop.  Having worked for many years in a bike shop, this idea seems sound to me.  Nothing looks more professional when selling an expensive bike than having it set up right and helping a customer get the right fit and suspension set up.  It could be used for mechanics for race teams setting up bikes for particular riders for particular courses.  If it were to be affordable for the general biking public then we can rejoice too as most of the guess work will be taken out of ensuring our shocks are set up if we race or ride.  I can see this being particularly handy for downhillers or even cross country racers.

Fox's concept IRD Smart Pump
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Perhaps this is too much tech for some, but at the end of the day its not crucial.  You won't be left feeling that you ought to have to buy it because everyone else is.  I thinks its a great technical solution using new mobile phone tech.  Reassuringly its not just for IPhone users but works for Android too and so a great majority of smart phones.

The only problem is this may never get released.  Or if it does it'll probably still be some time.

See.  I'm not that much of a technophobe!



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