Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Want It Wednesday #8 - Niner Jet RDO

Want It Wednesday Party Time!!!

Firstly, although this maybe a 29 inch bike it doesn't mean I'm sold on the concept of 29ers just yet.  But when I was looking through the Niner website, I have to admit falling in love with this beautiful bike. A Niner Jet RDO. Well I say beautiful, its looks to have thrown some mixed opinions with some saying its ugly.  Not sure how they think that as its not a million miles away from many other full suspension designs

Niner Jet 9 Carbon Tango

Orange Jet 9 Carbon CVA LinkageNiner Jet 9 Carbon HeadtubeVana White Jet 9 Carbon CVA LinkageNiner Jet 9 Carbon RockerNiner Jet 9 Carbon SeatstayOrange Jet 9 Carbon Frame Detail

what makes this bike stand out for me is not the fact its carbon or the fact its (fairly) lightweight but more the attention to detail thats gone into the bike.  Its things like the titanium chain guards that rest on the chain stay and bottom bracket area to protect the frame if the chain falls off.  The internal cable routing, meaning there is no need for ugly lugs.  The suspension rocker is stamped with the Niner badge, and the red anodized pivot points  Its small stuff, buts attention to detail you don't get with big brand bikes that are churned out by the cart load.

I've often liked the smaller brand names over large companies such as Trek and Giant.  You're guaranteed not to see many on the trails, and rare bikes often attract conversation amongst fellow trail users. I'm not in anyway saying I want people to be jealous of what I'm riding, the bike I ride now you won't see many of yet cost more than most.  Its just more unique and people notice these things.  Its often a case of 'what's that?'

I've got to say the Niner range in general look really good, from hard tails and single speeds, and judging from reviews they ride well too.  Granted the Jet at over a couple of thousand dollars or pounds for the frame alone means its out of my price range, yet I could easily be turned by such lovely bikes and be eventually seen on a 29er yet!!

If you want to see the range then just click here to link to their website

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