Wednesday, 8 February 2012

#13 Want It Wednesday - Morvelo Jeresy

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster really.  Not only do I find out that my job is at risk but then the zip on cycle tights breaks so now I've got a large hole up the back of my calves just in time for the temperatures to plummet below zero.  Obviously the job bit is more serious, but I get damn annoyed when something breaks particularly something that is still needed and is going to cost me extra money.

To be honest the Endura tights that I've owned have been on the way out anyway, but I was hopeful to get one more winter out of them.  The zip on the back of the left leg was no longer staying closed and would come undone during the ride.  It was only my overshoes that were keeping it secure and draught free.  I always found them on odd fit for me too.  My left ankle seems to be bigger than  right and I always had a wrestle getting them on right. Last night I had to buy some more so went to my favourite website shops chainreaction and wiggle and sorted myself a pair.

Now I could have put these as my 'Want' for this week but feel cheated as they are more of a need.  However, whilst looking at clothes I found myself liking....ok wanting cycle Jerseys.  There are some really cool ones out there.  One particular manufacturer I like is Morvelo.  This might be because they make one for the Kinesis team kit.  That's the make of my bike. 

Yet I know there is one Jersey they make which is a limited edition.  In fact so limited that in order to own one you have to win it.  I'm talking about the Morvelo Rookie Jersey which to get you have to win the UK and European 24 hour race on your first attempt.  Its the race I'm doing in April.  Chances are I won't get near to owning it.  But I can but 'want' for it and maybe that'll be incentive enough!

So thats me for this wednesday.  What's your 'Want'?  To join in the party just go to the tab 'want it wedensaday' and follow the instructions.

I'm joined this week by Paul and Neil and also a new member to the linky party Merry*death all of which you should see what they are wanting this week and have a nosey around their great blogs.  Just click on their names to go to the linked blogs.



Jez,I hope you're able to hold on to the job. That's always a scary thing when cutbacks come around. Good luck.

cheers Paul. Its always bad when everyone has to reinterview for their jobs but its the same every where. I'll remain hopeful, who knows what could happen!

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