Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Want It Wednesday #27 - The Question of Wheels.

My bike build is proving to be something of a headache.  While it should be fun and exciting creating an original rather than off the peg bike it is proving…well complicated.  The problem is that it is marked by restraints of money and my sometimes stupid obsession with weight.  The two in the bike world hold hands in gay harmony. Simply put if you want light you gotta pay big bucks.  Which to allow this line to rhyme, sucks.

I have so far struck lucky with my On-One frame and now for that matter their new carbon fork which I wanted last fortnight.  Both of them are light and haven’t cost me a wad of money, but now my attention has turned to wheels.  More specifically rims and tyres (tires for my American friends!)
I really really(!) want to get some Stans ZTR crest rims.  They are light, strong and are the best option out there for converting to tubeless.  These are all important to me but they are going to cost me £130. Boo hoo.  I could just get the DT Swiss X470 rims which are good rims.  I’ve had 26er equivalent for years and rate them and they go well with my DT Swiss 240s hubs. They would cost half the price! But, and I really think I should have put that in capitals to exasperate my turmoil; BUT they weigh over 100grams more or 200 if you add them together which is half pound in weight….on wheels.  I could be cheap and have a good 1700gram wheel set or spend more and wait longer to get the other bits I need and have a 1500gram set.  (notable this is the same weight as my current 26er wheels).


Being tubeless would make them lighter still……


Look at them, aren’t they lovely and so many people say good things about them but I just don’t know how much longer I can wait to have my bike lying in bits purring sweet nothings about me about fast rolling rides and a new and fun beginning in the 29er world.


I won’t even go into the turmoil that is the rubber question of tyres.  Schwalbe spring to mind but I can’t justify their price when they wear out so fast so maybe Maxxis Ignitors but aren’t they hard to get onto rims!  Bontrager 29-2?  Don’t they only work well with their own rims tubeless?  Everything else seems to either weigh a tonne or just be over the top or to minimalist for what I need.  Hey you may gather me to be fussy.  I just want it to be right.  I want a sub 20lbs Single Speed bike and I’m going to have to cough up and be patient.

Or maybe not…….

 Who else is taking part in WIW this week?

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Jez, save you're money and get the rims you're lusting after. They'll be orgasmic.

I've got 26er Stan's Crests on my Whippet with Pro 2 Evo Hubs - honestly worth every cent. Incredible wheels. :-)

In terms of tyres mate, I would go for Geax Saguaro which were £17.50 on On One and come in a 29er I think. I've had maxxis Ignitors, they are not good tubeless, the bead is not strong enough, I've had one blow off my rim twice. Which is unfortunate, as otherwise they're fantastic tyres. I did a review of them on my blog a while back:

Hi Jez, for what it's worth I'd put the priority on the tyre choice and then get the best rim to suit that tyre?

Thanks for the feedback every one! I'll no doubt tell you my final decision in the end :)

I may have found a good compromise. WTB frequency i19. 50g heavier than stans but £20 cheaper. Good designed rims though and getting rave reviews.

Ah, wheels & tires - the most unsexy of bike build buys, but the most important! I'd get the best reviewed and lightest ones you can get (the WTB sound promising)...I held out on my 26er, got some nice Easton UST wheels and Maxis Crossmark tires and run them tubeless without messing around with sealant - love them!

Unsexy...really? I get very excited about wheels! If I got UST tyres and WTB rim I could run then Tubless and need for extra rim strip. But is still run sealant to help with the holes.

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