Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Want It Wednesday #26 - On-One Carbon Monocoque Tapered Fork

Well a few weeks ago I delared my WIW to be for a very beautiful eXotic carbon fork.  I had full plans for actually buying this fork as it was in my price area.

But it makes way for this little lust.

On-One Monocoque Tapered Carbon Fork

This is On-One's new Monocoque tapered carbon fork.  It weighs 700grams.  700grams!  Better still it's only £150.  The reason I like this fork is that it was designed to go with the Lurcher carbon frame.  Well the Lurcher shares exactly the same geometry as my Scandal so it will ride well with it.  Also my frame has a tapered headtube so having a tapered fork will work and look better than my previous WIW.  It does have the look of a road or cross fork but I think it'll look great.  What do you think?

So I'm going to get this next week.  Happy days :)

So what are you wonderful people Wanting for this Wednesday?

Join in if you want by going to my Want It Wednesday page and following the instructions.



I really like the look of it (and the Lurcher...always need more bikes...) - can't wait to see it attached to the Scandal!

Unrelated to this post, but I really enjoyed your two Lance posts - I was trying to write about it myself and just couldn't get the conflicts worked out. Your two posts do a great job of highlighting all the frustrating contradictions that exist in cycling.

Thank you that means a lot. I was very worried that id get some angry responses to these posts but have received quite the opposite. Still I think you should write something too as I like other peoples take on this, it seems many Bloggers are avoiding the topic all together!

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