Sunday, 23 December 2012

Names On Frames - Personalised Decals Review

There is a trend increasing within the cycling world to make what you ride and what you wear more unique than ever.  More options than ever are open to us the cyclist.  Recently, I got some home designed cycle jerseys and I also talked in my Want It Wednesday about your own coloured saddle from Charge.  No you can design your own helmet or even get shoes made in special colour as well.

All great stuff, but a couple of weeks ago I came across this little gem from Names On Frames on twitter.  I've often loved looking at Pro cyclists bikes and loved knowing which is there bike parked up by the team bus.  The little name tag on the frame giving away who they are and in my soul I've harboured a little desire to have something similar.  I've always meant to find a company that would help me achieve this little dream without being stupidly priced.  Names On Frames, @NamesOnFrames just fits the bill perfectly and they are so easy to use.

Via their website you just fill in the drop down boxes with the kind of flag, script and colouring you want and your done.  Very easy.  Prices start from a happy on your wallet £5.95 for four stickers.

So to the review itself, and over all I am very happy with the services of Name On Frames.  Granted there was a technical hic-cup and my details of what I wanted hadn't work right for some reason or other either on my behalf or theirs.  However, I was contacted swiftly by David via E-Mail and when I didn't respond straight away he even tried me on Twitter too which in my mind is great customer service.  Once everything was ironed out the stickers came in the post within a few days so the wait really isn't long either.

The stickers are of good quality and easy to apply and have found a happy home on my helmet and frame.  Being white, they obviously don't stand out on my frame but all my decals are white as I'm after a subtle look.  Obviously others may want to purchase theirs in black script.  Still, you can see the stickers better on my helmet in the image below.

Overall, I would happily use Name On Frames again and if you want something similar then I see no reason to look elsewhere.

Subtle in White but goes well with the rest of my Decals

Feeling like a Pro



Very cool - I particularly like the flag detail. I've been thinking of getting my road bike re-painted, and have been checking out the stuff available at, of course, with my typical indecisions, I may never finalize a color scheme and font!

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