Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Want It Wednesday - Custom Charge Spoon Saddle

Came across this 'Want' last night.  I'm going to be buying a new saddle for my new mtb and was looking at buying this rather lovely one here.

However, is that good enough for my my WIW? No, I don't think so either.  So how about if you could have it custom coloured? Well now you can, because after a couple of years of rumour the lovely people of Charge now have a designated personalised saddle service allowing you to choose the colour of the cover, underside, bumpers, logo and stitching! You can have a go here
So is that a bit more exciting? I think so but obviously this bumps up the price quite a bit more and starts to put it out of my range a bit.  A normal saddle costs about £25 ($40) but a custom will cost from £70 ($112) which is a hefty jump!
There are some other people who also like to take part in Want It Wednesday and you can see them in the link.  Here you can see how to take part and see what others have been talking about.  So why not give it a go.



Seems like something right up my alley, except that having the underside of my saddle made any custom color except for mud would be moot. Luckily, Fizik makes the white and pink Vitess, which is all the "custom" saddle I'll ever need.

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