Friday, 25 January 2013

New Bike On-One Scandal 29er Singlespeed - FINISHED!!

It's done, it's finally complete. My On-One Scandal  is after an agonising six months of planning and buying, ready to ride and be shown off to the world.

Whats killing me know is the amount of snow and bad weather we are having so I'm not sure when its going to get its first outing, but the weather forecasters have mentioned some milder weather next week so I've got my fingers tightly crossed.

I've included pictures below for you to view.  There are a few small things that I will want to change when I've got the money, the main one being to ditch the dual shifter brakes as they are a bulky eye sore.  I also am still thinking of getting some horizontal dropouts for it too so I can get rid of the messy chain tensioner.  Lastly the red anodised skewers have got to go.  I had bought some nice ti silver ones but the front was on the short side and I just didn't trust it so its been sent back. 

Anyway, enough talk.  Here's Nymeria.



Um, yeah. Waaay sexier than my SS will be.

Some looker..! Will be great to hear how it rides, hope you manage to get out on it soon....


Thanks for your comments. I'm over the moon with and can't wait to get out and ride it. No doubt I'll be telling you all about that later.

I hadn't really given the weight much thought but for those who want know it weighs 21.8lbs

Great job jez, paint job looks lush, bet your itching to give it a good thrashing ? You asked about the pics on my blog are missing and i'm not sure whats happened . I've had a new phone and i think it happened when i was syncing my different accounts but like i say not sure and can't seem to get any help from google so will probably end up having to put them all back one by one !! :-(

Wow, Awesome looking bike. I have the same saddle and can say that it is a great one for the price. What grips and chain tensioner are you running? Thanks.

Oh no that'll be a pain in arse. Hope it doesn't put you off keeping it up.

Thanks for leaving comment. The grips are some of my favourites and they are ODI crosstrainers. The brown is one of the closest matches to the saddle you can get but sadly they have stopped doing them in brown. Black still available. The tensioner is from On-One and has proved great in keeping the chain tight.

Wow - very pretty! I especially like the head badge, an awesome detail. I feel your pain on the bad weather and snow, as my new 29er just sits in the basement. Though I'm looking at a 2 month wait rather than a week or two...

Thank you :) Snow here has gone now. Can't believe you have too wait two months, I'd be like a sad dog pining at the window!

Beautiful build. I just built up an Inbred SS, first ride was today and I am thrilled. It's not a light bike (haven't weighed it yet) but the wheels (easton xc ones) and tires (conti xkings) are and the result is it "feels" very light and quick in the saddle. I almost pulled the trigger on the scandal because it was so insanely light, but settled on steel because of the ride and its not a race bike anyway. Those folks at On-One are doing some great work...

Great build. Is the colour off white? It works well. Will follow this with interest as would love to put together a build based around an 18" 29er Scandal & those rigid forks. What sort of trails & terrain will you be riding with it? Thanks

Thanks for leaving a comment Justin. Yes it is an off white colour. Weirdly the paint I used should be whiter than this but the laquer may have changed the colour a bit.

I ride forset trails on the whole, man made tracks, rocks, roots the usual but also venture on moorlands too. Most things really except where it gets too slippery or beyond 'black' technical.

Cheers Hex. Glad to see you aim to pretty much ride everything that you would on an xc bike with this. Keen to see how she goes! Have fun!

Beautiful build! My frame is on the way. What made you choose lacquer over a urethane basecoat/clearcoat or even a single stage urethane?

Thanks Colin. I hope you enjoy your bike as much as I'm enjoying mine. As to why I went for lacquer, well it came down to what was readily available. I'm not sure it ws the right choice and I don't now think I have made a very good job of it as the paint is damaging very easily. I think come the end of the race season I will be strippping it down and starting again, and learnin from my mistakes.

I highly recommend bc/cc or powdercoat. Lacquer has no harder so it never really cures. I will be powdercoating mine as soon as I finish my powdercoat oven.

OK thanks. Main problem is with the forks as they are full carbon and from what little I know, you can't powder coat them. I certainly need to find something tougher though.

No can't pc carbon only metal. I'm going to paint mine and get the color as close as possible.

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