Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Want It Wednesday - Engin Bikes

Yes I know I've just got my bike built and I'm already looking at other bikes but I came across this company by accident (forum site).  Engin Bikes ( pro. en-jen) aren't out there making space age carbon bikes but ones even the most modern bike designer could look at and appreciate.  They are a Philadelphia based company who build there bikes one at a time to suit each riders needs.  They deal only with steel although some Titanium frames are due for 2013. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say but I just can't see how anyone would put off by them.

Anyway I'll let you decide and have a look at some example shots or you can link up to their website here.......before telling you the price.

So are you in love like me?  Do you have $2500 (£1500) for the frame alone?  One for my dreams......
Have you got anything to share that is bike related then start your own post starting with the title Want It Wednesday and I shall add you to my Want It Wednesday Page for others to see!!



Wow, beautiful bike - love the raw steel/paint combination!

Me too. I think I just like bikes with proper lugs.

Engin make works of art and are regular NAHBS prize winners ! They would be one of my contenders for a dream bike build i think bikesnobNYC rides one too..nice choice Jez and happy new year !

Those are really quite pretty, although I'm as loyal in my custom bike affections as I am to my Giant production bikes. If I ever get a custom bike it will be from Shamrock Cycles. I think I've made my SS selection, and it will be neither a Shamrock nor a Giant.

That certainly looks like a real corker of a bike....

Happy new year to you too. Now what's happened to you blog, where are the pictures gone?

Not a I really am curious. Come on Lindsay tell all!

You're not an over generous billionaire per chance Trevor?!

I don't know if it counts as a "Want It Wednesday," as it's "just" a city bike, but I did write an ode to my smashing Public J-7 back in June 2011...

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