Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Strava and Races to Come

I could very easily get addicted to Strava.  I particularly like it when I get my KOM stats and find I'm at the top!  Strava has allowed me to show off my KOM but sadly not my ride which despite the cold and the mud was enjoyable.  Now I find myself analysing all of my efforts along the route, which I'm not sure if it's encouraging to my ride or in the long run detrimental.  Will I ever just casually go up a hill again?  Still, whilst my motivation in training has been lacking maybe this is what I need to keep me going and a little part of me is already finding other hills I can try and win a crown.....even if its only a minor victory that I can share with myself.

Talking of training, I have had a crisis meeting with myself and have come to the conclusion that this year could be asking too much for me to do a 100 mile MTB race.  I know I've still got months to go but I'm not sure a) I could do that distance on a rigid fork for and b) do that kind of distance averaging 8mph or more.

At the moment I'm going to concentrate on short xc racing.  The North East XC series is back this year and starts earlier with eight full round.  I finished 8th overall last year and would like to better improve on this, so I've now set an ambitious target of placing on the podium for the series.  Basically I need to finish top three.  A tall order for someone racing on one gear and in no fit condition.  I've got until the 20th April before my first round.  I need to loose 7lbs by then and be able to maintain race pace for an hour.  Sounds doable, and if it's not well hopefully someone will cheer me on as I puff and pant my way slowly around the course.  I'll still at least be the one smiling the most. 



Hi jez, i think you might be underestimating yourself, you race so you've got the base fitness try doing a 50 then 75 training ride. A lot of tour divide racers ride rigid granted the trails are mostly smooth trails but big wheels big tires gives you quite a bit of suspension. From reading your blog jez i think it's well within you !

Thanks for the support :) I've basically given myself a marker. If I'm in good condition come the beginning of June then I will ramp up my training for longer rides and prep for Kielder. Until then my focus is on fast racing.

I think Strava is amazing. I never had any motivation when training, but as soon as I got it I had to get those KOM's!!
I hope you'r feeling good for the 100. Even if you do badly at least you'll be able to say you did it!

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