Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Want It Wednesday - The Beautiful Ride Notebooks

I was recently explaining my lack of love for training diaries.  I'm never good at keeping them up to date and even my best laid out plans fall apart leaving an unwanted book that serves little purpose for the future.  I'm no longer transfixed with recording every given hour on the bike, recording it down and making some anal chart that proves just how little I'm really doing

What works better for me is to keep a more loose style journal of my rides and races.  More importantly I like to write down goals, Time targets, mile targets, weights, average heart rates.  Everything but how long I've done on a bike or how many hours I've spent spinning my legs on a turbo.  Information like that is no use.  To know you're improving its much better to have something instantly measurable and something you can then go back year after year to see changes.

This leads me onto my 'Want'.   I recently wanted a notebook to enter my data for this year, the trouble is nothing really stands out to me as a cyclist.  I love fancy stationary stuff, and am a sucker for nice address books and diaries, birthday books etc.  Sadly, in a rush I lumped for a rather plain notebook that just isn'  It had to do as I wasn't near a decent shop at the time.

However, I came across this company Beautifulride

These are just the thing I am looking for

 These were brought to my attention by Tim at his blog Life in the Saddle where he has written a review on them so it worth checking it out by clicking on the link.  Another review to look at as is by The Discerning Cyclist.

The price is only its slight draw back for me but I'd be buying into something that I would more than likely keep for years and can imagine it to evolve to be full of notes doodles tatty folded up bits of paper etc.  They are British, look and sound lovely only now I have to decide which one I'd have!

If you'd like to write a Want it Wednesday and have it in a place for all to see then please go to my Want It Wednesday page and follow the instructions.



Wow - really nice! I like the "Good Things Happen" book, and defiitely want some of those espresso cups - perfect for post-ride sippig!

Hi'jez i've seen something similar on you might like to check them out some nice bicycle jewelry too !

Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out!

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