Friday, 1 March 2013

Iphone Covers by The Beautiful Ride

The Beautiful Ride appeared in a recent Want It Wednesday of mine for there cycle specific and beautifully designed notebooks.  What I didn't touch upon was the other products in their line. 

Recently I purchased an iphone 5 and as this was perhaps a lavish item for me to own I set about looking for someway to protect it.  I would say that I looked quite hard to find a suitable product that was cycle related but never really found anything that either suited me as a rider or my sense of aesthetics.  I had remembered seeing an iphone cover on The Beautiful rides website and decided that would be perfect.  They only do one design at the moment and as a young company this may remain the case until more demand is made.

The choice of a Polka Dot design reflects the Polka Dot jeresy worn during the Tour de France for those with the most climbing points or better named 'King of the Mountains'.  As a strong climber myself this would I imagine seem very apt for me.

The case itself arrived the day after ordering which is great service and the usual and professional correspondence was in place to let me know that the order was received and put in the post.

When it arrived the case was wrapped in a lovely printed tissue paper which added to the feel of unwrapping something special.  The case itself is  polycarbon with the image thermally embedded so it won't scratch peel or peel of.  It is very slim in design so adds very little bulk to your phone which is always a bonus. As for price I would mark it at the higher end of the price spectrum.  £22.50 is however, not as expensive as many of the cycle designed covers I've seen from the likes Zazzle which can be up to ten pounds more, and that's not buying you anything better in quality.

Overall, I'm very impressed with it and would happily recommend using the Beautiful Ride again if you want something that bit different.  It would make a great gift for the cyclist in your life or just as a little special something to treat yourself.  Hopefully in the future the range can be extended using the same great images as used for their notebooks.



Looks like a great product...Thanks for bringing it to our attention Jez....

Clearly this means I need an iphone 5...I've been seeing the signs everywhere...

Also, nice cover!

You can get covers for the 4s too!

I've been told my phone cover looks girly. Oh we'll :(

This case is gorgeous. wow it look so beautiful. i like it very much. This iphone 5 case is too different from other cases.iphone 4 covers india Thanks for post.

How lovely cases these are! I like these very much.
It will increase the beauty of my iPhone with safety.
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