Thursday, 21 June 2012

UK Cycling Blogs

UK Cycle Blogs

The following is a list of UK cycle blogs that I have so far found.  They are in alphabetical order but all blogs marked with a (*) are ones I'd recommmend because they are followers and I know to be friendly and or regualr commenters to mine and other peoples blogs.

If I have not found you then let me know and I shall add you to my list to make it more complete and help bloggers out there find each other.  The only criteria I make is that they have been updated within the last 6 months.

  1. 60 Miles To Nod - Muffintop
  2. Adventures of Trio - Trio
  3. A girls re-discovery of bicycle Riding! - KatieCake *
  4. AnneDickins24 - Anne Dickins
  5. - Rob Dean *
  6. Bolt On Bicycles - Chris *
  7. Cycletherapy - Cycletherapy 
  8. Cycling Info - Tejvan Pettinger *
  9. Cyclist Life - Racing Bike Mikey
  10. cycleofaddiction - David Adams *
  11. Greg's Cycle Blog - Greg
  12. i b i k e l o n d o n - ibikelondon
  13. I Will Be Back Soon - Nick Gilling *
  14. Keep Pushing Those Pedals - Jme *
  15. Life In The Saddle - Tim Wiggins *
  16. Pete Cycles On - Pete Bradbury
  17. Purple Traveller - Trevor *
  18. - Phil Jones
  19. Richard Sterry: South Downs Triple - Richard Sterry *
  20. Rye Wheelers Mountain Bike Team UK - Wheeler
  21. Team Cycle Aid - Ian Read, Shergie, Mark G, Dean *
  22. The Cycling Lawyer - Martin Porter
  23. The Fat Cycle Rider - Toby Field *
  24. The Invisible Visible Man - Invisible Man *
  25. Tom Adams [A Cyclists Blog] - Tom Adams *
  26. UK Bike Skills - UK Bike Skills
  27. VeloCake - Various Authors
  28. Velo Club Moulin - chrisD
  29. Welshside - Emyr Grittiths *
  30. yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah - ian ian



    Thank you for including me on this list.


    Thanks for the mention Jez...


    No problem. Keep up the great blogs :)

    Cheers Jez! It's nice to be thought of!


    Here is mine


    Pleasure guys and gal! Jme, I've now added you to my list :)

    Thanks for the mention on your list and your nice comment on my blog.

    Its always great to meet like minded folks.

    Look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Think I'm going to end up spending more time reading your lego blog at this rate, really made me laugh!! I've also added VeloCake to the list for you.

    Hi jez, hope you don't think i'm nitpicking mate but i noticed you missed the e of the end of cycle spelling cyclofaddiction. No worries though i'm just grateful for the mention.

    Really sorry! I've made the adjustments now :)

    Thanks for including me ;) Will be writing again soon I'm sure :D

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