Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cycle & Blog Etiquette - Grumpy Bastard

Well I'm late back to this but Happy New Year to my wonderful reader(s).  Hope you've had a great festive or holiday period.  I know mines been great and the kids have really loved it but now the decorations are down and some normality and routine to my life has returned.
So its back to the blogging and I'm going to have to apologise but I'm going to start this year on a bit of a grumble.  (actually I've been grumbling about this since before the holidays but have only just got around to it!)

Let me say first that the one thing I love about our cycling world is its diversity.  The sport is a mish mash of all manner of styles of bikes from road to mountain bikes, downhill bikes, commuting, bmx, childrens bikes etc.  We all have something in common though, and that is getting out from the entrapment's of our lives and enjoying the freedom on two wheels.  The riders I have had the pleasure of meeting of been equally diverse but whose love and passion has always made them so endearing.  They are often so warm and welcoming.

Yet there is one person in my cycle world that has started to grate on me.  Most mornings I cycle to work I pass cyclists on the opposite side of the rode who I'll politely wave too or give a generous nod if I'm using my brakes.  On the whole I will get some kind of response.......but not from this one person.  The one person who I see regularly on his road commuting bike plodding away.  I'm not sure what it is but he will not acknowledge that I am there.  I have began to nick name him 'Grumpy Bastard'  It's amazing to think that we are both out there doing the same thing so whats his problem?

I have come across some weird predigious before amongst cyclists.  The big one being between roadies and mtbers.  Its like a racial disliking, I've been on my mountain bike and been blanked by steely 1000 yard stared roadies yet go out on my own road bike and they will acknowledge me.  That's happened the other way around too.  Its petty and stupid.  Are you petty and stupid Grumpy Bastard ?

The worse are what I shall call the non enthusiasts.  You know the ones.  Baggy top, jeans or tracksuits, no helmet, cheap bike.  Now I'm not going to be snobby about them as they make up a large percentage of cyclists out there.  They aren't though aware of this cycle etiquette that we show fellow cyclists and I always try some so sort of greeting in the hope that they too will learn and pass on the cycle love.  There is certainly no love with Grumpy Bastard. 

You know what.  I've come across this same problem with blogging.  We are all out there writing about our bikes and love of what we do and our adventures.  Its a bit egocentric but on the whole its also communal.  Or its supposed to be.  We read each others blogs and may even comment on each others blogs, and even better follow each other to maintain friendships.  Yet time and time again this kind of etiquette is not followed.  I don't expect someone to look at my blog and instantly want to follow it.  But it grates when you constantly comment on others and get nothing back from them.  Are they my equivalent of Grumpy Bastard? 

Sadly the people that will be (hopefully) reading this are already regular readers and followers but I bet you have found similar problems with these issues.  If you look into the world of bloggers who knit and sew and create things its so different.  There are loads of linky parties and advice sites, competitions, give aways and generally it is more friendly.  Is it because it the writers of these blogs are primarily women and that they can create a more communal blogashpere?

Ive tried with my own linky party to join the world of cyclists in a similar way but there is something lacking in the cyclists blogasphere.  Its the equivalent of that wave or greeting when out on your bike.  Please don't be like Grumpy Bastard.



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