Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Want It Wednesday #11 - Sufferfest

Hi folks!!  Its Want It Wednesday linky time!! 

Well as my followers will be aware I am currently training for a 24 hour Solo Mtb race.  The UK and European Championships to make it sound more posh.  As such I've been spending more time on my bike but that's also meant more time on my Turbo Trainer.  Ah the dreaded indoor torture machine, god love it. 

Some may remember that I had found some way of getting over the boredom by watching You Tube videos of mtb races from a first person perspective. But now I've been introduced to something even better.  In a word.  Sufferfest.  For those not in the know this is a company who make usually hour long videos that take on various strains of effort.  You take part in a race and the screen prompts you on what you need to be doing.  They are supposed to be hard.  Sounds perfect.  They are around £10 per video and vary in intensity but all will give you a good work out.  In fact I was so taken by this I've bought one and intend to use it from tonight. I went for The Hunted which is more suitable for my training at the moment.  Wish me luck and if no one from hears from me, they my find me flopped over my handle bars.
If you would like to look at these for yourself then follow the link here.

You too could join in with the Want It Wednesday Linky all you have to do is go to the page tab marked Want It Wednesday and follow the instructions.

Other Bloggers taking part this week include Neil whos Want you can see here



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