Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Want It Wednesday #12 - Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll

I've been spending a smaller portion of my training this year on my turbo trainer than I've had to in previous years.  This is probably thanks to the milder weather and the as yet lack of snow (thankfully!).  However, my indoor trainer is still a crucial tool and has over the years seen some fair abuse.  It's over ten years old now and still working well, the only real give away to its years of use comes from the grove shape that has formed in the metal roller.

It'll probably keep on working for a good few more years but thats not stopped me looking at some new turbo trainers.  I'd like a new torture machine please!

So you know what I want?  This.

This is a Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll. It retails for around £450.  Its not a new invention as its been available to buy for a few years now, but remains one of the most unique trainers on the market.  What make it so different is it mimics the movements that you make when riding your bike.  No longer is your bike held in a static upright position but can be swung from side to side, just like when you are giving some effort during a climb.

Reviews on the product on the whole are very positive, with many saying that its a sturdy and well crafted piece of kit.  For a better look and overall review see this little video below.

So there you go.  That is my Want for this fortnight.  What is yours?  To join in, go to the tab labelled Want It Wednesday and follow the instructions and see who else takes part in the party!

This week I am enjoyed by Paul and Neil whos great blogs and 'Wants' you can see by clicking on their names.  Cheers fo joining guys! We are also joined by a another new member Lindsay. Thanks for taking part :)



This actually looks pretty cool. My trainer is the same brand, and I am pretty happy with happy as you can be on a flippin' trainer (ugh), but this one does seem to add some aspects that could prove to shake things up a bit. :)

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