Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Singlespeed Parts Ordered

I've been threatening this for some time, but finally I've got around to ordering the parts to convert my Mtb to a single speed fun machine.  I've got a bit sick of my gears recently, a combination of needing a new rear mech as the shifting just doesn't seem to work well no matter what I do or other mechanics try. A stiffening front mech, and now the realisation my chain and cassette are nearing the point of replacement it seems that now is a good time to give singlespeed riding a go.

So I've gone and ordered a couple of my parts from On-One which includes a 16t with spacers and chain Tensioner.  I've also order a Sram chain to use (not sure how good the singlespeed ones are!).  Obviously, I'll have to see how I get on with a 16t cog, I have a feeling that I may need lower gearing than that to go with my 32t front chainring.  Its a bit hilly around here!

On-One Singlespeed Converter Kit with 16t Sprocket

On-One Doofer Singlespeed Chain Tensioner

I don't think this will be last purchase for my singlespeed conversion either.  I've had on my bike for the last seven years now the XT duel shifters.  These have been alright in fairness but I've never liked the bulky look of them, that and at times shifting can be a bit awkward.  I'm going to just by the new 2012 XT levers on their own and hope they are still compatible with my older XT callipers.

I'll be letting you know how I get on soon!



Wow - I always am amazed at the single speeders who line up for local races (they have their own category) - I hear 2:1 is a good place to start, but I would need something closer to 1:1!

Haha, I'm not saying anything yet....I may need the same!

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