Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Want It Wednesday #20

I'm sorry folks.  Normally I have something beautiful to show you, something that we can all have a little oooh and ahhh at but this time.......well this time there is nothing.  My Want It Wednesday this time is not about something I want to buy, or something I wish I had the money to buy but something much more simple

I simply want to get out and ride again.

Since I raced at the beginning of April, I have not touched my bike.  I've sadly been put in a position where I've not had the opportunity.  My wife had been unwell for the last two months with seriously bad headaches, sinus infections and tooth infection.  It has meant that I've had to sort getting the kids to school and nursery which means driving the car everywhere.  I hate driving as it is and my usual cycle commute has fallen by the way side. Even weekends have been difficult as my wife hasn't been really able to look after the children so I've had to be around for them much more than normal.

I've found myself watching from my car window at cyclists enjoying their bike rides doing their thing (cue violin music) wishing that I could be there feeling the cool air on my face, the feeling of being more alive with steady breathing and spinning legs. *Sigh*.  I've read with much jealousy your stories of epic rides, challenging races and lovely holidays in the sun and just so wanted it to be me.

Monday and my wife braved a return to work.  I rode to work for the first time in 7 weeks.  It just felt sooo good to be doing something I love.  It makes me feel more awake when I get to work, fitter and healthier and just have a much more fulfilled feeling within me. 

Tuesday and it was time to set a time on my Strava and see where I am fitness wise.  I felt fairly good on Monday.  My ride to work is only 6 miles on fairly rolling roads and I rode at a comfortable tempo pace climbing in and out of the saddle.  It felt good to have my legs work hard again and legs push a good pace.  I wasn't really expecting a good time, I had after all spent four months training to go for the long distance and after a seven weeks off my fitness would have dropped. I averaged 19.1mph.  To some of you that's not great but for me that actually is.  In fact its a whole mile per hour faster than anything I've previously done before.  I could have gone faster too......... So am I now fitter?

Who cares, I'm out riding again.  I made an apology at the beginning of this blog which I'm going to retract.  I don't think any of us should have to say sorry for wanting more than anything but to just go out and ride our bikes.

So who is taking part in Want it Wednesday and have something to show or tell?

Merry*Death on a Bike
Trainin' on a Prayer
I love My Brooks Saddle

Don't forget to take a look at what other people are showing and even better leave a comment to show your support folks!

If you would like to take part then go to my tab marked Want it Wednesday on the home page and follow the instructions.



It sucks to have to take so much time off the bike, but it is nice to remind yourself how much it means to you!

Jez, family comes first. Glad you're wife is feeling better and you're getting back on the bike.

I just got back into commuting recently too. I moved a few months ago, and now live way further away from work than I used to, and I thought that bike commuting was a thing of the past for me. But just last week, I got a folding bike, and I've been driving to the edge of the city and then riding the last 5 miles or so. Not fast, but way better to ride in traffic than drive.

Like any love, absence makes the heart grow stronger!

Alex, I really like how you've a come over a problem and come out with a good solution. Your very own version of park and ride. Wonder if it could catch on?

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