Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Want It Wednesday #19 - On-One Scandal 2012

These Wednesdays seem to come round way too quick!  Well my last want was very much the dream, and unless I win millions on the lottery was never going to really happen.  Instead I am now on a saving mission to buy a new bike.

I have been spending a great deal of my time on On-Ones website looking for a new bike frame, and forks.  I really like these bikes.  They are often so well rated and because they miss out on the middle man, are so much cheaper than similar models out there.  I've really um'd and ah'd over what to buy though.  I was tempted by their Whippet frame which I put in a previous WIW.  It's carbon, and has a swappable rear hanger so I can also run it as a single speed. Only £300!

However, I really want something that is going to be and feel different to my current bike.  I looked at their Lurchers which are for 29ers and I was a bit smitten.  It has the same benifits as the Whippet but could allow me to own a 29er.  I could then run it on a ridgid fork and singlespeed and be happy as a pig in......  Yet, the frame is even more expensive.  Two hundred more.  I'd have to buy the ridgid fork and buy new rims and new tyres.  It's just too much money.

It was then that I stumbled upon their aluminum equivalent.  The scandal.  Just over 3.5lbs and only £200.  Add that to their carbon fork at £150 and I'm now looking at a very real prospect!  So after much waffle from me here is my want it On-One Scandal!

The frame itself come in three colours. Black (which is a bit boring as I have a black frame now), Racing green (which is really tempting as I could add gold bits to it and make it very lotus racing like) and raw finish with lazer etched graphics.  Actually the raw is the most tempting as I can get it sprayed in the colour I really want.  I want to get one painted in a deep polished cream colour then finish it with the silver polished thomson seatpost and stem.  I'd then use red annodized bits on the seat clamp and QRs etc.  I've seen a bike done like this before and it is beautiful.  I just like the fact its so different from the usual black finishing kit that covers every bike out there.  And yes, I'd get the fork done the same colour!

I'll also add to this the forks and rims which I want to be Stans ZTR crests, with Schwalbe Rocket Rons.

So who else is joining me this Wednesday?

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Jez, I love the idea of just buying a frame. That way you get to choose the components you want to put on it.Sometimes it costs more that way, but if you watch the sales, you can keep the costs down a bit.

Hi Jez, just remembered and have posted up another modest want it, I've always fancied a scandle too, would have got one maybe instead of the Fargo if there were any in stock when I had the cash in my hand.

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