Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Want It Wednesday #21 Hope CNC DH/Singlespeed Chainring

Well officially I have moved to the more shady sides of the sport.  Yep, I am now a singlespeed fool.  I've had a few good rides out now to see how I would cope with climbing with a 32t - 16t set up.  And cope I did.  I went out with a friend of mine on (a previous singlespeed user) and I kept up with him no problem.  In fact I'd go as far to say I only really struggled when the climbs went beyond 20% in gradient and were loose. I certainly lost no speed on the downhills even if I did have to have road runner legs to keep the speed up.  My friend reassures me that my legs will get stronger and that the climbs will get easier.  Handy, as I now have hopes of doing either a 12 or 24 hour race next year on a singlespeed.

Anyway as you can imagine my WIW reflects want I'm into at the moment.  Once I'd stripped down my Chainset I was left with a rather tatty and worn 32t shimano chainring.  As it no longer could hide behind it bigger brother it just looked a bit messy for my liking. 

Step forward Hope and their beautiful new chainrings.  These are new for this year...

There is still very little write up on this little beauty but on the whole Hope stuff is usual top notch stuff.  This is CNC machined, 7050-T6 Aluminium Hard Anodised 104BCD chainring which is available in three colour.  Black, Silver and Gold.  Black is my obvious choice.  As yet I don't know its weight officially.  It is claimed as a DH/Singlespeed chainring so it is made to be strong and generally in my hand it felt very light.  There is no mark up on its width either but it looks to be a standard 3mm

Anyway.  I liked it so much I ordered one and it arrived yesterday!!!

I've put it on the bike now and I'm sure I'll get pictures up here soon enough.  I will also be running a review on it once I've got some miles into it.

So who else is taking part in Want It Wednesday?

Merry*Death On A Bike
I Love My Brooks Saddle

If you want to take part then follow the instructions on my Want It Wednesday page. :)



Oh no Jez, you've gone over to the dark side. Next you'll be telling us you want to become a bike messenger in the city.LOL!

I know!! I'm sorry. Maybe I'll see the error of my ways (once I've finished having so much fun :)

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