Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Want It Wednesday #22 - Thomson Elite Seat Post Union Flag

For the benefit of my newer followers and anyone else new to this, Want It Wednesday is a Linky Part (very popular with craft blogs)  Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday a few of us write about something we want, have bought, something useful, or places you want to go to, just as long as it's all cycle orientated.  To take part you need to sign up on my Want It Wednesday (WIW) page.  Don't worry it's not life commiting just when you feel like it really.

Anyway, whenever I do a post I will add names of those who have also taken part on the day (I do try to do this as fast as I can) to my own blog post.  I link this back to your blog.  The aim is that people will then click your name and see what you've written about.  Those who do this right will often look at your blogs, follow and leave comment if they like you.  Quite a few people have gained followers this way.  Plus if you add the product name in the title you'll be surprised at how much traffic it'll pick up.  You've got nothing to loose really and it gives you something else to write about :)

So to my WIW and for this I was going to show you something else until I stumbled across this.

A Thomson Elite seat post with a Union Flag on it.  The BEST seatposts in the world with a British flag on it.  Do I really need to say anymore?

Oh and for my American friends (who are probably not that impressed with the above) I found this:

So who else is taking part this Wednesday?  I'll put your name below if you are. Looking forward to seeing what other gems are out there :)



Jez, sweet looking posts, I'm a sucker for anything bike related with our flags on them. I've got a flag jersey I wear only on special holidays.

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