Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Want It Wednesday #23 - Your Opinion on Bike Design!

It has officially been raining too much.  I know this not by my lack of miles in the saddle, but by my hours in front of the computer.  So far this week I have created my own team kit on which is good fun.  I'm a bit gutted that I can't show you all but maybe if I can find a kit designer that allows you to post places other facebook then I will.  (secretly want to start my own following the chainline global team made by bloggers for bloggers).

I stumbled on that site by mistake as I was really trying to get on bikecad. Bikecad for those who don't know is a design software for all you budding bike creators.  Well I'm not a creator but I did have purpose for using this site.  I am about to purchase a new fame.  An On-One Scandal which I wanted back in Want It Wednesday #19.  The frame I want comes in a factory raw finish so I thought this the perfect opportunity to paint it myself (with help!)  I have fallen in love with one particular paint scheme and that is a rich cream colour.  So far so good.  But then I'm torn and that is where my Want It Wednesday comes into it.  Yes I'm bending the rules here of WIW but its time to make the dreams real and I WANT your opinions. 

Below are two pictures done on bikecad, they are similar in most details but three. The top one the finishing kit, stem and seat post is in polished aluminium (Thomson) and the wheels are laced with silver spokes. The other picture shows the bike with black finishing kit. 

But which one do you think is better? It may only be a small point to some people but it can really change the overall look to this bike.

The forks are going to be rigid carbon in this case as I'm going for a sub 20lbs build but they will be the same colour as the frame.  The handlebars are also going to be the same colour.  If you think I am mad I thought I'd show you where my inspiration came from.

I've totally falling for this colour scheme but could it be made better by having polished silver finishing kit.  (The anodised red bits will also theme in the finished product)

So please I really want your opinions!!

Anyone else taking part in Want It Wednesday this week?  We have a new member!  Go check out Davids at Cycleofaddition and of course all the other regulars.  Thanks people :) 

If you want to join in then you can by going to my Want It Wednesday page.  All you have to do is write your blog on what you want and I'll add your name to this post.  Check back later and you can then see what other people have also been writing about. If you like then don't forget to leave comments on their blogs!!



Black is definitely more common...I would go with the silver, because it goes with the cream so well. If you go all black it could be overwhelming since the tires are always so dominant on a mountain bike - yes, definitely silver. Add some flashy Chris King silver hubs and you're all set!

Jez, I have to go with the black. I've always loved that color on a bike.

Ok thanks. Originally my idea was with silver but then I worried it may look cheap like it can do with stronger coloured frames. But I've seen cars this colour with silver trim and they look amazing. On the fence!

I think if I wanted the tan leather saddle and grips i would go for the silver but I would also have the collar&cuffs silver too and the hubs like Merry*Death suggested I would want silver rims as well.

I like the contrast you get with the black though and I think the red accents work better on this option. On your cadd drawing the crank is silver but I would go black with that too.

The Pace had an integrated bar which I think gave it a great look so I might think about having the stem colour matched too,

Have you thought about the finish yet as I think it would look great in powdercoat...

Either way Jez with that colour I think you'll have a lovely bike when your finished !

Thanks David, good comments there. I'm slightly constrained by money and i'm loathed to switch my DT swiss 240s hub even if they are black!

Not sure about finish but as i was hoping to do it my self so sadly not powder coat. But I won't rule it out, although I don't think you can powder coat carbon?

I would be loath too Jez, the DT 240s are great and they would work fine with silver rims and I think you can get Stans in silver though they might be custom. It can be a frustrating process when your on a budget I know.

Another thing about using the leather I think with that kind oatmeal creamy colour a darker leather would look great and tie in with your black hubs better I think the lighter Tan works better with the blue of something like the Singular Swift and my pompino....

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