Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Want It Wednesday #24- eXotic Carbon Rigid MTB Fork

With my new frame now bought it now time to add the other crucial part to the frame. The forks.  Now my aim is to build up this frame as a SS and with simplicity in mind I have opted to buy a carbon rigid fork. I come from a long history in MTBing and started back many years ago on a steel rigid frame and fork, something which never really hindered me then.  With all this bouncy stuff its easy to get a bit soft!  I'm also aiming to get this bike as close to the 19lbs mark as I can which will be super light for a MTB.

The amount of carbon forks out there was quite surprise as was their prices!  Some looked very nice like Niners forks with their curvy shapes and pretty graphics.  But I'm going to be spraying them anyway so graphics don't matter.  Some forks look like they have all come out from the same factory and vary little in weight but vary dramatically in price.  Usually from £250 to £400.

However I came across these forks at CarbonCycles. They look similar to the more expensive forks and similar weights.  Mmmm alarm bells.  Could it be that if you put a brand sticker on it it goes up a couple hundred bucks?  The eXotic carbon forks pictured below cost only £113.  Which is cheap!  They weigh 1.7lbs (0.79kg) with Alu steerer which is very light.

Obviously this seems to good to be true.  So I've checked into them.  Read reviews and tests and it appears that these are indeed the factory basis for many bigger name manufactures and are in fact sound and good quality forks.


So who else is taking part in WIW?

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Jez, this is an absolutely beautiful looking fork, please don't paint it.

Well I'm still thinking on it Paul. The frame will be but the forks may stay as they are. Playing around with colour ideas still.

Wow, it is a pretty fork - I would also think twice before painting it, though when you have a whole color scheme in mind it might look better overall if it fit in...

I've got one of their inline Ti seatpost's Jez on my pompino that cost about £43 (absolute bargain} and wouldn't hesitate to buy one again.

If I was after a rigid fork they would be top of my list.

I would prob have the one with the carbon steerer too !

Their Disc brake pads are great for the money as well !

Interesting you should say that David. I have looked at that post but judging by reviews it maybe too weak for off-road duties. I'm not heavy or a seatpost killer I'm not sure! Think I may just go for a Thomson one again because its really been a fit and forget post.

Carbon steerer is not much more expensive so very tempting!

You can't argue with Thomson for fit & forget. :)

I've not seen the reviews you mention although I have read reviews/horror story's referring to other carbon post's when ridden off-road but I think these days their all pretty sound. I ride mine off-road Jez and not had any probs and know people have specked them on the Exotic carbon mtb frame for racing off-road.

I'm sure their forks would be a sound choice though if your not convinced about their posts mate !

I had a Sette carbon seat post brake this summer on rocky single track.
I had a couple carbon forks with no problem, although I'm not using a carbon fork now.
I'm riding a Odis steel fork now and its very compliant. It is hard to say if it is more compliant than my old carbon.

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