Thursday, 12 July 2012

Child Labour

 What?!  They WANTED to do this and I'm not one to dampen their enthusiasm!  Good job they made too although I stopped them cleaning the chain as I thought that could get messy.  They seemed quite disapointed when I took over!

Shame that after their efforts they look like they both could do with a bath of their own.....oh well save on one job and create myself another!



You could of found a way to raise some extra funds here Jez for your new bike build, by hiring your kids out for bike cleaning duties and taking a small commission i'm sure they wouldn't mind ! :D

Mmmmm now theres a good idea!!

Jez, you're so lucky to have youngsters in the house. My two are full grown now and sometimes I miss the great times we had when they were young.

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