Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Want It Wednesday #25 - Lezyne Products

It comes to something in a Want It Wednesday when I can't make up my mind on just one product but have to opt instead for a whole range of stuff.

With this weeks WIW I have become like a magpie to shiny jewelry thanks to the lovely made stuff from Lezyne.  With my new bike creation I have opted to go with silver finishing kit after seeing a bike done in a similar way and confirming that it would look really good.  I had been looking for a silver bottle cage  and yes I found one which will me on my to buy list which you can see below:

alloy cage

But I couldn't stop there.  I really love their pumps which come a range of multi colour options so here's a couple more things!

Tech Drive HV

CNC Floor Drive

I like that the hand pump come with a flexi pipe that screws onto the valve so you don't have to mess with ensuring the pump is on right and fighting with air escaping when putting in high pressure.

Anyway that's me and my Want(s)  Who else has joined me this week?

If you want to join in then please visit my Want It Wednesday Page and follow the instructions!



I really like their mini-pump (easy to bring along to cross practice), though I don't have the shinny silver one!

Shinny silver loveliness!! Mmmmmmmmm

The old skool style pumps from Lezyne are in my opinion the best pumps money can buy, lightweight and no fancy locking heads that can go wrong, the stirrup pumps are a work of art... Nice choice Jez...

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