Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bradley Wiggins.....

or should that be SIR Bradley Wiggins?  Totally apt as he added to his to his collection of medals to make him Britains current most successful athlete.  Fantastic ride by him and Chris Froome, so happy for them both.

Thanks guys for bringing our small world of cycling to the forefront of British Sport and giving hope to future generations.



Wow - I missed the live telecast this morning (stupid work) and the Spouse told me about the silly thrones, but wow, those are...dorky. Congrats to the Brits - 3 medals in road cycling!

I think the throne is flippin hysterical! The jersey is weird though...

The throne(s) were a weird addition. There were in fact three of them. I guess having a castle as a back drop made it quite apt and regal. The cyclists didn't real use them though so it was a waste of time really.

I don't like the jersey. Don't like the team kit full stop. Very ugly.

I love the sideburns, reminds me of my high school days. Yes, I'm an old fart.

I reckoned that the Olympic organisers must have borrowed those thrones from the Beckhams...
Hampton Court Palace is a pretty stunning backdrop though..

I reckon Lord Wiggins - even though he'd prefer to remain just plain old Bradley. A great athletic achievement and has dealt with success well.

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