Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Want It Wednesday - Bike Transport

How do you get your bike to a venue, a race or a group meet?  Do you do what I do and fling your bike in the back of the car (remembering to bring some large sheets to cover the back so it doesn't get dirty)? Or do you have a way of transporting them on your vehicle of choice such as on a roof rack?  These are all very acceptable forms of bike transport but sometimes its just not......whats the word......'cool' enough?

I want something more special.  I want a van.  I think I've been harbouring this desire from many races I've been to where I've walked by and looked in the back of some of these vans and see them carry all manner of bike kit.  Which got me thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a van that was purposely set up for bike transportation.

I think my dream van would cover the obvious inner racking to hold a couple of bikes securely during driving, perhaps where I can take the front wheel of and secure it by a clamp on the forks.  Then I think what about tools.  This van should have an inset tool chest bolted in, covering all my mechanical needs and maybe a work stand that works with the tow bar. 

How about a place to put your bike shoes, helmet, back packs and clothing.  And what if you're going to a bigger event. Then we are talking somewhere to sleep, maybe even a canopy or gazebo to keep you dry outside of the van including tables chairs etc.  A BBQ, a wood stove burner to keep you warm at night?

You probably think I'm being a bit mad but I've seen all this kind of stuff at various races and I want one too.  Although I would want it super smart inside and organised not just a mobile shed.  Some of you maybe thinking why not get a camper van or big bus thingy with all the latest home comforts, but the truth is most roads in this county are small and don't warrant big vehicles and most of the time I only want to drive out locally with it.  Maybe for some this would be a bit 'pro' or team vehicle (the thought of personalised decals had occurred to me!) but I just like the idea having everything I need with me.  Maybe that is just me.....

Anyway that's my WIW which I know has been a long time coming.  Sorry about that.  Others have also been contributing in the last few weeks as well so you really should check their blogs out to see what they want.  See my link here to see them and how you can join in too.



Yeah...It would certainly be good Jez...
On my next supported ride across Europe we will have a motorhome as team base (size of roads not a problem)...I like the decals've now got me thinking..!!


Ha ha, great minds must think alike Jez, I've harboured a lust for some cool transportation for bike trips too and the VW van is king for this role. There are some really cool rigs out there but they ain't cheap £30.000 and up for a professional job !

I'm just off to check my lottery numbers :D

Hi Jez, it may sound unlikely but the Honda Jazz is a great cycle transporter and can take 2 road bikes upright with just the front wheel removed and still have lots of room for "other stuff" I have one and it's incredible for such a small car! the pictures not mine but it is a Jazz.

I've seen an awesome Sprinter van set up with a bed, tool chest, heater, and space for an indoor warm-up (a must in the cold climate where I live...) - I'm always jealous of it at races, but don't ever want it in my driveway - horrible gas mileage and, well, it is huge!

Nice post.

Its a cool.

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Have a great day always!

Although I would want it extremely intelligent within and organized not just a cellular reduce. Some of you maybe considering why not get a recreational camper van or big bus thingy with all the newest house convenience, but the fact is most streets in this nation are little and don't cause big automobiles and most of the time

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