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Let The Racing Begin: Rd1 North East MTB XC League

It was with a bit of anticipation I entered this round, after all its hard to have high expectations of yourself when training plans have fallen by the wayside and the mileage just hasn't added up. I was, to say the least,not even riding fit let alone race fit. Still, on arrival after recognising some familiar faces and chatting to friends, race nerves were put aside and I was able to enjoy the friendly atmosphere which made me enjoy this series so much last year.
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Racing The Winners and Loosers

Somewhere in a small woods local to where I live, my legs were burning my back felt ready to explode and I was loosing touch with those that I was racing against. At the time I just remember ticking off each section of the course; the fast swooping single track, the bumpy grassy sections, the loose pine cone strewn corners, the tight switchback climbs and the power sapping short climbs.

Later on I'm just left wondering why I was doing it.

This was Round 4 of the North East MTB league. I'd been excited about doing this event for months. I'd previously enjoyed doing round 2 despite the slippy muddy conditions. But conditions were a lot more dry now and so the race promised to be faster and more favourable for my SS. More importantly, this was a home race. Not something I thought I'd ever be able to say but this was literally in my home town and the start was only about 100 metres from my house. (Read More)

North East XC Mtb League Round 2

Friday evening was race night for me. Not often you'll see me write that but this year a new race series has popped up in my local area, The North East MTB XC league. It really has sprung up from nowhere and its run by British Cycling and best of all most event are within half hour drive away and one round 200 metres from my door! The events are small and fun events making them friendly. I took my son with me to see the first round to find out what it was like and liked what I saw. The races are super short and quick much more like cyclocross but its courses are more technical.

At Round 2, I made the decision to have a go myself. I wasn't too sure what to expect from this race venue. The last had been quite dry and fast, but this one was quite the opposite.  (Read More)

24hrs of Exposure

24 hours is a long time. Think of all those things you can achieve in that time. In that time most of us will achieve very little but work, eat, watch TV and sleep. For Easter Weekend, I raced in the UK and European 24hr Solo MTB Championships. This is my story.

I was cold, in pain. Curled up in a ball in my tent, huddled in my duvet the race going on all around me. The shouts from the pits as riders pulled up to get their food echoed around me. My eyes heavy from tiredness, I lay their on my own, lonely and in turmoil. My race all but over. It was only midnight (Read More)



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