Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Birthday Bike

No not for me, this wee bike is for my daughter who is going to be three on Monday.  It's her first bike :)  When my son was the same age I had bought this really cool (seriously)12inch wheeled Specialised balance bike so he could learn to keep his balance before getting to grips with pedalling.  It worked quite well and by the age of four he was whizzing around on a bigger bike with pedals and no stabilisers.

I thought we'd take the same route with my daughter.  I thought she could just sit on her brothers balance bike and use that instead for a bit.  On sitting her on it a problem was en counted.  She stood there flat footed on the ground the saddle was at its highest.  Oh.  It was the first time I'd realised she is in fact tall for her age.  So off to the shops we popped to size her up and after trying a few out we realised that a 12inch wheel was just too small and that she would need a 14inch.  Marked up as being suitable for a 4 year old.

I wasn't happy with any of the choices in the shop or other shops so it was a bit of time on the Internet to find the right bike.  Now girls bikes are a swine to buy for.  She was determined to have a pink bike.  Easy enough.  But they all came with bloomin white tyres, a wholly impractical colour and they just look so scruffy after a few moments riding on them. Also doll carriers may look cute but they just make getting on the bike harder, the only way is to step through the frame but she was already hoicking here leg over the back saddle (good girl).

Anyway, finally we got this one.  It was a joy to build everything working and fitting well.  It even has the added bonus of having V brakes rather than those useless U brakes that so many bikes have.  All for a reasonable and comparable price.  Hope she likes it!



Awww Happy birthday to your daughter!

I totally remember getting my first bike when I was little. My mother was determined to turn me into a girl, so she bought me a Strawberry Shortcake bike. It was pink and red and it had strawberries all over the banana seat. It had tassels on the handlebars. I was HORRIFIED! I wanted to ride SO bad, but the idea of riding anything that feminine just about killed me. My mother just about did the job for me when she saw that I cut off the tassels and peeled off all the stupid decal stickers. lol That was the last bike she bought me, and she was off to her next ploy; ballet lessons! (They didn't work either! Bahahaha!)

Thanks :). I think my daughter although she likes the colour pink isn't overly girly. I suppose I could always add tassles later and a basket. I've got my son a new bike too as his is too small, so I'm looking forward to giving him his first proper off road experience!

What a cute bike! That's a pretty aggressive pink there: pink and powerful. Perfect for a little girl. I hope she has many, many happy hours on her new ride.

I think it is very cool that you put so much thought into purchasing a bike for your daughter. A lot of people just go to the local Walmart (I hope the UK hasn't been plagued with that awful store) and pick up some non-function piece of crap for their kid.

Oh, and girly isn't so bad after all. It took me until I was in my 30's to wear a dress without an argument, but I'm coming around. :) I now even own make up! (I wear it...uh...a few times a year lol.) As for pink, I own 2 pink t-shirts (one has a road bike on it and says "life behind bars"), and a pair of pink shoes! :D

Well with me being so bike mad did you really expect any less from me!!

Ha, you sound just like my wife. Think she has only one pink top and her make up last her years. Like the sound of the t shirt though!

Me too :) I really like the colour, is be tempted to get my own frame in that shade of pink!

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