North East Single Speed (UK)

This is a group of riders formed on Facebook comprising of singlespeed riders in the North East and Yorkshire. The group is still in its infancy and welcomes any new members wanting to join.  There are plans to organise rides out as well as races and just general chatter.  If you want to be a member click here and leave me a message so I know you are not confusing us for a dating site (trust me I've had this happen twice now!) Just click here to join on facebook.

I will post on here anything related to singlespeeding in general including the team kit, general information, ride and races

North East Single Speeds First Group Ride - Swaledale

Standing on the top of a hill surrounded by some beautiful countryside shrouded in mists a small group of cyclists stand huddled behind a wall to shelter from the howling wind and driving cold wind. The climb had been steep and boggy and faces show sign of tiredness. Yet as food and drink are consumed spirits remain high and there are still smiles. Someone then pipes up "I thought you said it was going to be hot and sunny?" (Read More)

North East Single Speed Is Born

I did my last MTB race of the season on my single speed finishing a reasonable 25th out of 37 competitors, done on a course that was tough on a SS. I was joined by my friend who also competed in his first race on a single speed and finished just ahead of me in 21st. Despite being bitten to death by a swarm of vampire like midges we had both enjoyed ourselves, not least because of the light factor. Being September the race ended up finishing in near dark conditions which was I suppose dangerous for some of the racers. My friend and I came equipped as did a small few others with lights. I love night riding so it was good to be racing on fast flowing single track with only the beam of light in front of me to guide the way. It's the first time I've ridden so fast in semi darkness so it got quite scary at times, I can only imagine how the poor racers without must have felt! (Read More)

Eclipse Cycling Custom Made Cycle Clothing

Recently I formed a group on facebook called North East Single Speed. It's aim was to get together a group of like minded individuals to share thoughts, go on rides and socialise. I know in the group there are some who will just do casual rides but then there are those like myself who would like to race. On a trip to one such race I was travelling with a friend and we were discussing how cool it would be to have our own team kit so that we would be recognised at races and group meetings. I explained that I'd already had a quick look and even had ideas for the design but sadly most of the companies would only allow you to order in bulk and we'd have to have more willing buyers before it could be considered (Read More)

One-One 29er Singlespeed

It's done, it's finally complete. My On-One Scandal is after an agonising six months of planning and buying, ready to ride and be shown off to the world.

Whats killing me know is the amount of snow and bad weather we are having so I'm not sure when its going to get its first outing, but the weather forecasters have mentioned some milder weather next week so I've got my fingers tightly crossed.

I've included pictures below for you to view. There are a few small things that I will want to change when I've got the money, the main one being to ditch the dual shifter brakes as they are a bulky eye sore. I also am still thinking of getting some horizontal dropouts for it too so I can get rid of the messy chain tensioner.  (Read More)

Betsy's First Ride Out As A Single Lady

Hahahahahahaha, Heheheheheheh, Hahahahahahahahah.............That ladies and gentleman is the sound of my inner child. And that is how my little ride has left me feeling.

Going out on Betsy and my first ride on a single speed was something I'd been looking forward to all day. The day weather wise has been nothing short of miserable. The temperature had dropped and there was a constant murky drizzle in the air. It was late evening when I set off, so I already had in mind that it was going to be short ride. An hour test ride was all I needed really just to get to grips and make sure there were no problems with the drive train. (Read More)


I was getting bore since morning but as soon as I got this link & reached at this blog, I turned into fresh and also joyful too. TerryWright

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