Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Want It Wednesday #7 - Look 920iCR

Well this caught my eye and I feel for it instantly.  Its probably not every ones cup of tea, but I have no doubts that it will turn heads.

This is french company Looks', new mountain bike. The 920i CR.  It forms part of a small range of their bikes including both hardtail and full suspension bikes.  It is without a doubt a real marmite set up with the top tube having a hump back profile that allows it to seamlessly go into the stem.

Its probably a contrast to my argument about the need for 29ers in mtbing, it certainly brings about no extra function but I think it looks gorgeous.  It looks so stream lined and just very different.  The bike itself is a 120mm suspension bike with a high modulus carbon frame featuring 12/15mm rear/front axle format, taper steerer and a pivotless rocker activated rear suspension.  The stem also comes in a variety of lengths and angles.
Could this be the future of design?  Maybe not.  However, while 29er geometry is trying to still settle itself, consider this frame design with 29 inch wheels.  The taller frame set up would address the front issue that comes with putting on bigger wheels.  It would allow bigger travel forks and not upset the way the bike handles.  Have Look missed a trick here?
Still the bikes range from £3499 to £2999.  I'll be waiting with interest on any reviews about this bike but for the time being.....I WANT ONE! :)

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Jez, that is one strange looking stem,headset setup.

I just rode a long ride on very rocky terrain. Several times my bike came to a dead stop due to my inability to clear or ride over obstacles. Since my body kept it's forward momentum to only be stopped by the stem catching my rather private parts, a flush stem system might have been more user friendly!

Haha, I never thought about THAT!!! See, its the future for the safety of all mankind!

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