Friday, 7 October 2011

Overcoming Turbo Training Boredom?


I once read that a rider, in order to train for a 24 hour solo race, sat on his turbo trainer for five hours looking at a blank wall. Which can only have been mind numbingly dull to say the least.  But it got me thinking (can you tell I've got training on my mind?!). How do you go about making a training session on your turbo trainer more entertaining.
 I've already mentioned in my previous post that I find it hard mentally to go beyond an hour.  Rubbish I know.  I also suffer burnout really easily if I have to use it for many months at a time.  Normally I just sit looking at a blank wall listening to my IPod and some funky motivating tunes. Its tolerable.  But only just.  I've tried watching TV but found it way to distracting, my focus wained and I found myself giving a lack luster performance.

But it was last night that I hit upon a possible solution and one I quite liked.  YouTube.  There are loads of Videos with images of pro downhillers showing us really why they are the best in the world.  I often find myself slack jawed at how fast they ride stuff.  I often wonder how much I'd be dabbing a foot while they blitz over the ground without what looks like little regard for themselves, but which is apparently also titled as 'skill'  So here's a video to get you pumped up from RAW.  This is followed by a big however..........

HOWEVER. Training to this kind of stuff can be at times a bit distracting, and I've found myself tensing up watching them ride which I don't think made for a great training session.  But I came across these two videos instead which I'm yet to try but I really like the idea.  It reminds me of those turbo trainers which you can attach to your computer.  Its basically footage from an xc race, taken from the start to the finish and is shot in first person perspective.  Both videos are about an hour 15 mins which make for a good length whilst training.  They also have no music so you can listen to your own or listen the laboured breathing and the tyres on rough track.  What do you think? 



Thanks for leaving comment. I hope it helps, anything over an hour in my book is much more a mental challenge so you're doing well to have got to 1hr40!

If this doesn't work you could also try the Sufferlandria training videos, but they aren't free. Very good for hard workouts

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