Monday, 10 October 2011

Bit of catch up and Danny Macaskill

Pat Mcquaid - image

Sorry folks its going to be a short one from me tonight.  Not got much done in the way of riding as I've been busy with the family.
Just a few round ups to some previous posts.  Firstly, my fear of the UCI governing itself and doing its own drugs tests in a way to prove the sport is clean.  It appears that little drugs testing was done in this years Tour of California.  Although a set up of the American governing body USADA was set to do the tests and use the UCI labs for the tests, things fell through at the last minute.  There seems to be ever ongoing battles that some say the UCI shouldn't be left to govern the sport and that outside governing bodies (the country's the races are held in) should be allowed to dope test.  This would ensure fair testing although the UCI claims it wouldn't.  This whole cock up left a race with little dope controlling, with only urine samples taken instead of blood.

The UCI continue to make me angry and Pat Mcquiad , They seem to fail on many aspects of doping and if allegations are proved, that they are also easy to bribe and corrupt.  Put Paul Kimmage in charge, that's what I say.  Sorry if that upsets the Lance Armstrong fans out there!!

It made me think though.  I know many Lance Fans out there.  Many standing by him as the continued allegations of his doping case continue.  The evidence is strong and yet people still stand by him.  particularly those from America.  If my favourite rider Mark Cavendish got accused, I'd not want to believe it either.  You'd hope your hero's or nationals are beyond such things.  Should we be so naive?

Other news on Cavendishes move to Quick Step have been quashed by its co owner who said talks were made but no commitment has been made, so no move will go ahead.  So where the hell are you going Cav?

Anyhow that's me for tonight.  I thought I'd leave you with a couple of videos which I saw on Television recently of the amazing Danny Macaskill.  It defies belief what some people can do on a bike.  Watch and cry next time you try hop on your back wheel..........

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