Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Want It Wednesday #10 - Assos Chamois Cream

Hello bloggers.  Sorry I seem to have been neglecting my blog of late but I've got my head in the clouds and with Christmas coming I've just been very busy.  I've got quite a few topics in my head that I want to cover too but just haven't had the time or truthfully the will to do so.
As an update to my training for the UK24 race, things have been going well.  The windy weather has been making things tough going on the road but so far no snow has fallen so I can't complain.  I'm currently doing my training in blocks, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a mix of hour long training sessions and trail running.  Friday is recovery day on the bike then on Saturday I've been doing a high intensity trail run then on the Sunday a long ride out.

Its only Mondays that I get a proper rest, and apart from feeling more tired in the evening and having more tired legs than I've grown used, I'm feeling good in myself.

My weight loss isn't so good as I've gained weight but I have a feeling that will come from muscle gain and hopefully that will mean fat will soon burn off quickly.

Anyway my Want It Wednesday this week is I'm afraid to say not very exciting but still something I want......or rather need Chamois Cream!!  Stop sniggering in the back there!!!  I've never really had need for the stuff so I'm still exploring my options.  But if I'm to stay in my saddle for 24 hours I'd be mad to ride without it!  Also with longer rides ahead of me there will be plenty of time for experimentation.  This cream by Assos is supposed to be good stuff from what reviews have said but I'd be interested to hear from you as this isn't an area I'm knowledgeable on.

So there you go.  Not my usual bike lusting object but my want it list is versatile if nothing else.  So what are you wanting?  Something that you hope Santa might bring you for your biking needs?  Something for future bike events or rides?  If so tell people about them and join in my Want It Wednesday linky party so others know you are taking part and can join in too.  The more the better it works.  For more information see my Want It Wednesday page (see tabs)



Jez, I used to love this stuff, until they changed the formula a few years back. Now I use DZ Nut's, very similar to the old Asso's stuff. Merry Christmas.

Ah ok thanks for the advice Paul I shall look out for it. Merry Christmas to you too

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