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Camelbak Octane 18x - Reviewed 18/07/11

I got mine in this black with yellow trim colour, although you can get it in red and grey and luminous yellow. Despite it having a similar three litre bladder and 18 litre capacity to my Hawg, the Octane is a totally different backpack. The reason for this could be down to its original purpose for hiking, walking, and trail running. However, bike riders have started to show that this is a great pack for riding and has been given rave reviews in recent bike magazines.

The pack it self is built to the usual high quality standards I'd expect from Camelbak (I'm yet to destroy one). It is a much lighter pack than the similar sized Hawg and also much more floppy. Yes Floppy. I know that might sound odd but when you put the pack on, it just seems to contour to your back so much better. (Read More.....)

I will say that I am an Eggbeater fan. Despite its bearing faults. Its had a lot of stick over the years despite receiving rave reviews when it first came out. I was one of those that jumped onto the bandwagon and bought myself a pair many years ago.

Now I've used a few different pedals over the years such as Shimano, Wellgo, and Ritchey, but its the eggbeaters that I've ended up sticking with. I even have a set on my road bike. I appreciate these aren't for everyone. In fact they are a bit of a Marmite issue, some loving them others hating them. Bike forums are full of praise and disappointment for them. (Read More.....)

 Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo 2.25inch

I've put these tyres though their paces and have tried them in various conditions now from dry dusty conditions to wet sloppy mud on rocks and roots. They have been used for general trail use and not racing or downhill.

Before putting on the tyres my first reaction was that despite looking quite chunky with their very squared nobbles they are surprisingly light. Not light like say Schwalbes Racing Ralphs or my previous Continental Supersonics which weighed about 100gram less per tyre. But for a trail tyre or a marathon muncher 570g isn't that bad at all.

Getting them on the bike proved to be easy enough, folding tyres never are in my opinion, and being able to get a tyre on without busting my figures is always a bonus. Once on they sat nicely and evenly within the rim. You'd be surprised at the amount of tyres I've fitted to bikes that have a rise or dip in them. (Read More.....)