Thursday, 18 August 2011

Crank Brothers Eggbeater 1 2011 - Preview

I'm going to call this more of a preview than a review as I've not had enough testing time on these pedals to see if they have the same issues that previous years models have had.

However, I will say that I am an Eggbeater fan. Despite its bearing faults.  Its had a lot of stick over the years despite receiving rave reviews when it first came out.  I was one of those that jumped onto the bandwagon and bought myself a pair many years ago.
Now I've used a few different pedals over the years such as Shimano, Wellgo, and Ritchey, but its the eggbeaters that I've ended up sticking with. I even have a set on my road bike.  I appreciate these aren't for everyone.  In fact they are a bit of a Marmite issue, some loving them others hating them.  Bike forums are full of praise and disappointment for them.

Lets start with what makes them so good.  Mud clearance is the most obvious part.  These have never let me down no matter how gloppy, claggy the mud. You stamp down and the mud just pushes through, which is great for pedal and go action.  No other Pedal I've used has been so effective.  I also like the four sided entry on these pedals making engagement easy.  They seem to roll nicely into the cleat position and once in they hold onto you firmly but allow for a great float (which can be set to 15 or 20 degrees) which is great for dodgy knees.  They also don't have any tightness adjusters meaning the tension doesn't slacken and I'm yet to do a comical or sometimes dangerous Can-Can moment when climbing up hills.  This inspires me with more confidence to 'drag' my foot as well as push.  I like the fact that these pedals are slightly wider than some giving you a better stance on the pedals and stop your heels rubbing on the cranks.  For the weight weenies they also only weigh 256grams for the pair so are lighter than many similar priced models

On the negative side, I do remember them taking more time to get used to.  It is like re learning how to use clipless pedals with these.  I'll just say give them time like you first did.  Within a few months this will pass.  However, they don't have that lovely click or positive clunk that you get when entering them, which can lead you to question whether you have got in.  I've ended up stamping harder just to hear the slight engagement click.  Its not a major gripe but Shimano do this well and it a positive reassuring sound.  Exiting these pedals is also a bit squirmy.  Its soundless and just has little in the way of 'feel'. It is something you get used to.  Another point that I know others have had is that the foot rests on the bars can make them uncomfortable over long rides if you use more casual shoes.  These require a stiff sole to take that discomfort away but will also add more difficulty in getting into them.  Some have also reported that the bars from the pedals will wear down the shoes plate and that the cleats themselves are like marshmallows and wear down fast.  I've never had these problems. 

The eggbeater 11 shares it's titanium spindle with candy 11; the new spindle is 2mm shorter than the old standard axle, but 2mm longer than the old short spindle.: At only £40 these are great value.  The Eggbeater 2 and 3 are more expensive and I'm not sure if the prices for them are justified.  They are heavier for some reason the only thing I can see to be different is you can set them further away or closer to the crank by removing a collar on the spindle shaft.  But to do this you need to take them apart.  Oh and they look a bit prettier with the anodised bits but I bet they look even more scruffy in the months to come than mine will.  If your feeling flush you could always buy the Titanium Eggbeater 11s which retail at £345 and weigh only about 170 grams!

If the bearings hold up with these then I shall be more than happy and I'll let you know if they go pear shaped.  On the plus side, spares are readily available so when they wear you can get them back up to scratch again.



Hey, thanks for the additional info on the Crank Beaters Eggbeater 1. They sound like great pedals.

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