Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Want It Wednesday #17 - Exposure Joystick Mk6

During my24hr race I decided to hire a helmet mounted light to go alongside my bar mounted one.  I currently have an Exposure Maxx D light which is just totally fantastic.  It belts out 1296 lumen's for 3 hours and is a totally sealed unit meaning no faffy cables.  Even when used at a third of the power (about 800 lumen's) it is still bright and will last for 10 hours.

But bar mounted lights have their limitations. No matter how bright they might be.  If you are on a twisty trail with switch backs you just can't see around the corners, you just end up looking into a vague dark area.  This doesn't make for the fastest riding.  A helmet mounted light is the solution. Step up the lovely Exposure Joystick.


It retails in the UK for £165, having the same wire free design and long burn times that is common with all its lights making them a very good light option.  You can see more at Exposure Lights

This light really was fantastic to use and being light I never noticed it on my helmet.  The mount is quite simple.  It sit in between the vents and once tightened can still be adjusted to point just where you are looking.  Its bright at 325lumens giving a perfect little spot light.  It's not a light to be used on its own in my opinion as it doesn't light up enough of the trail.  You need a flood light for that.  Hence my other Exposure light!

So who else is taking part in Want It Wednesday.  Well we've got Paul who's got a fantastic beer pulling bike to show, love it! And Neil is showing a Surly Tag Nut.  I so want one! Cervelo Girl is showing off something beatiful from Colnago and Lindsay is finding the ultimate in comfort.

Cheers for your contributions Guys and Gals. Great stuff!

Do you want to take part?  Just go to my page marked Want it Wednesday and follow the instructions.



Jez, I've always wondered what it felt like to have a light on you're noggin.Maybe I'll try one this Fall?

Well it doesn't feel like it's there for one. Which is great. Lights these days are so light. But they really are only spotters so best backed up with a bar mounted light. Cars will see you well with it. It's not road legal here as its quite powerful!

I was going to ask if it was road legal! I don't know what the law is here, to tell you the truth... I work with a doc who was telling me about his new super light and I was thinking to he going to get ticketed for that thing?? lol

I really like the idea of having a light mounted to the helmet. That would come in handy both out on the trails and in traffic!

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