Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cycling Forum Fun

Just a quick post to let you know I have been playing nice with my blog again.  In a never ending quest to make my blog different and more unique I have added a new page.  I have added a little discussion Forum!  Ooooo get me!

It's not totally complete, I have a few design issues that I want to clear up first and it needs a change to the colour scheme to make it more in line with my blog.  However, all sub discussions are set in place and is ready for people to start there discussions so feel free to use it.

I'm not over sure how well it will go, or even if it will see much action but I'm quite pleased to have got one on my blog and am now ready to flop into bed from brain drain.  It wasn't a quick job!  I'll probably be busy sorting out a few other things on my blog just neatening things so I may not post much this week. 

I have added a page called tech advice but I wouldn't bother clicking on it yet as it contains....nothing!  I will at some point be compiling a photographic workshop taking people through the basic, and intermediate mechanics on the bike.  Some of the more advanced mechanics of you may not find it useful but there are plenty of novice mechanics who would.



Forum is now up and running so feel free to use.

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