Wednesday, 11 April 2012

24 Hours Of Exposure - My Results

Here I am rocking it at the 24hrs of Exposure.  Steely gaze hides the discomfort I was already feeling.

My lap times were as follows:

1. 1:34:53          5. 2:04:10
2. 1:30:35          6. 7:15:21
3. 1:35:58          7. 2:36:24
4. 1:47:13          8. 2:15:41
                          9. 1:40:10

Total Time:22:20:30

The question I'm left asking myself is that I had 1hr and 39 minutes and 30seconds left to go before the 24 hours was up.  Could I have squeezed out one more lap in that time?  It would have been tight!!!

Anyhow, I'm feeling much more human today, and am actually looking forward to getting back out on the bike to do some fun riding with friends.  May throw in the occasional race along the way!



Congrats Jez--an amazing accomplishment!

Thanks racejunkie. I'm just coming off my high from it now!

I love this picture too! I havn't got many of me racing and I just love how this shows the steepness of the decent!

I would have been very tempted to ekk another lap out, I found my last lap was one of the quickest latter ones as I just wanted to finish and give my all!
All I was thinking about was a Beer and as some as I drunk it it made me feel ill ;)

Think I'd already given it my all on the last lap as it was beliving that was my last lap (I said that for the other two though!)

Think next year I'm going to do it single speed, grow a beard and drink a beer per lap. I may not prove to be very competitive!

I like the beard idea! (I just like beards.)

The photo is great Jez.

haha, you're funny C.G. Not sure I'd suit a beard or whether my wife could put up with it!!

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