Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Want It Wednesday #18 - Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er

I wonder how many of you dream about winning the lottery?  Winning Millions would be lovely wouldn't it?  I've discussed this conversation with countless people who dream of winning and living the rich persons dream.  Most will tell me of houses they would like to buy, high powered sports cars they would drive, the shopping sprees they would go on etc.  Is it sad that all I care about it buying my dream bike?  The other stuff would come second, I'm not really bothered by cars, to be honest my car would be more like a van that I could transport my bike gear and stuff in for races!

But then, what actually is my dream bike.  I would probably buy a dream road bike, time trial bike, cross bike and mountain bike.  No doubt if I was rich enough I could buy multitudes of each type but really, is there any need for that?  I suppose you could argue the need for winter bikes but beyond that do I need multiple road bikes?  The hardest problem is could I actually choose just one?

There is so much choice.  I love bikes from Pinarello, Colnago, Cannondale.  I often thought wouldn't it be cool to have a selection of the best bikes from the same company and all the racing gear, but actually that can make choosing even harder. Pinarello for instance don't make mountain bikes. The closest brand to have everything I would want is Cannondale.  A brand I've always loved since owning my own 'Dale'.

But there is one bike that I keep coming back to time and time again. And that is Giants' Anthem range.  I've been wanting one for years, but have never had the money.  When you look at them they are nothing ultra flash, not like Colnago or Niner bikes, but these bikes have a pedigree of oustanding quality.  They have been out for a few years now, not changed much either, and continue to slap other bikes into the dirt.  They have always won best on test because of both their lightness and fantastic suspension action that defies belief that they only have 100mm and will take on those with 140mm.

So I'm now even more in love with their new bike they have just released.  The Anthem X Advanced 29er.  An all new Carbon frame for their 29er bikes.  I WANT ONE!

 At 22lbs this is one light full sus bike, and just looks very 'sexy'. 9 grand though, so like I was saying before, one for me to buy if I win the lottery.

On an off subject note, my Forum is now up and running properly so if you get chance take a look!

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I'm a hard-core Giant girl through and through (although I've been known to throw a lusty glance at a Niner from time to time). The funny thing is that when the press release came out about the Anthem X Advanced 29er, I totally skipped over that part, knowing it was out of my price range, even at wholesale. The thing that caught my eye was the new white women's model, which would look awesome after I "pinkified" it.

Sweet looking bike Jez! To rich for my blood though.I do have the van that I keep my bike in at all times. You just never know when a ride will pop up.

Lindsay,I just looked on Giants website and my suspicions were confirmed that although they do an anthem x (not available in my country, grrr) it is not a carbon framed version. Maybe they will release one next year?

I'm just pleased they are now finally making them in 16" frame sizes!.......not that I can afford them either way :(

22 pounds?! Full suspension?! 29er?! Damn, nice bike!

I know! It's nice enough to pull me away from my 26 hardtails!! :-s

Wow! 22 lbs, eh? That's pretty neat. Amazing looking bike too!

I must comment on the Colnago of course, because her beauty must not go unnoticed! She gets a 'Wow' too. ;)

I know, i found this picture and could probably have made this my want it wednesday. I love the touches of green to it too. Damn lovely.

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