Sunday, 17 July 2011

About My Blog

Originally when I set up this blog what I wanted to do was bring you updates in the racing world in both road racing and mountain bikes. I wanted to put on here latest test reviews on bikes and components, latest discussions and just general chat.

It seems however, that I could end up with copyright issues if I just go ahead copy and pasting interesting articles to my blogspot. Which is a shame as I'm going to find it hard to telling you about products if I've had no experience with them. The racing scene to will be harder to report on without me actually being there!

But no matter I still have the ability to natter, probably tirelessly so on bikes, life the universe and everything. So what I've decided is to write my blog on events, my rides, races (possibley!), stuff in the news, and opinions on stuff I've ridden. This will no doubt cover some races, but don't expect in depth knowledge, I can't spell the majority of pro racers out there anyway!

So to those looking at my blog, a big hello and I hope you'll pop by again soon. Better still, follow my updates, leave comments, I look forward to any of your own views and opinions. If you have a blog site you'd like me to look at then let me know, I'm here to make friends, not just ramble like a fool at brick wall!

Happy Blogging


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