Monday, 18 July 2011

Mark Cavendish - Stage 15 Tour de France 2011

Mark Cavendish wins in Montpellier after another great sprint

Mark Cavendish with Tour de France stage win number 19
Photo by Robert Bellini
 Another great victory from the 'fastest man on this planet' at stage 15.  The manxman once again showed not only how great a sprinter he is but also what a fantastic team he has in HTC-Highroad.  The 187km stage from Limoux to Montpellier
was always going to be a tough one, especially with the strong winds that were blowing across the roads.  It was thought that this could be won by the sprinters but it was also a great chance for a good break away. 

On the day, the breaks that were made were all in vein, HTC-Highroad dominated the front powering on despite the winds and obvious tired legs from the days in the Pyrenees.  The last 20km from the end were as tense as ever with the teams fighting for position but ultimately it wa
s Marks team and his own ability to sprint well that led to his win.  I love watching Cavendish sprint.  Its like nothing else, he has such an explosive sprint even from 200metres out he accelerates with such speed.  This is now his 19th sprint win as a professional, proving that he is currently the best out there right now......and best of all he is British!  It is so good to see that we finally, after years of watching the tour, have are own national riders out there that we can cheers for, who are capable of winning. 

On the day Mark was probably not the fastest sprinter, Farrar nearly caught him on the line, but the fact he is holding onto the green Jersey this year with over 30 points ahead of his nearest rival is just fantastic.  He is often humble when winning always crediting his team for victories and often feeling disappointed when he lets them down.  His twitter page simply congratulated the team but I always like the way straight after the race he goes finds his team mates and thanks them.

Mark Cavendish (Pic: Getty Images)
Picture by
I dearly hope that he gets to hold onto the green Jersey and even better wins the last stage in Paris.  He really does in my opinion deserve it.  I'd like to think that this kind of victory would make him more known in the media but somehow doubt it.  The Tour de France maybe the second biggest sporting event in the world (second only to the football world cup) but people in this country just don't get it.  Still don't think many people know who Lance Armstrong is!!!  Which is a shame.  But notably cycling popularity is on the rise in this country, perhaps after some sterling efforts from the British Track cycling team.  I think Mark in green won't turn many heads but to those that love cycling he will be a hero.  He to me already is.  All we need now is for someone British to win the Yellow Jersey, surely its our turn now!  All eyes are on you Bradley year year.  



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