Thursday, 21 July 2011

Trail Running

Ok, I know, not a bike subject but stick with me before fleeing in total fear at the thought of using your feet.

Trail Running is not a new thing but it is becoming more popular. Why should you care? Well for those of you who need that extra bit of fitness exercise, want to avoid the dull gyms, and are limited on time, then this is something you should consider. Seriously. Trail running will make you a better rider, and like comparing road riding to mountain biking its so much more exciting.

Well So I've been told.

Basically, just get some good trail shoes (you can use normal shoes but you'll not have the grip) and run on the cool bits of track you'd ride your bike on. I've just started this sport for some good cross training as I was told it is good exercise for my legs and core muscles.  I've just come back from my first run!
It's certainly different from plodding out the miles on the road. You don't for one thing get chance to get into much of a rhythm and as you descend down steep banks swinging off trees for support you can't help feel like a convict on the run from the FBI. I watch too many films. But hey it spurred me on! 

I've got myself a nice pair of yellow Salomon Speed Cross 2 shoes which are great, although I can't make comparisons as they are the first pair I own. Trail Running magazine rated them their best shoe this month so I think I've made a good purchase.

What I've found so far with Trail Running is that it doesn't put so much pressure on my joints. Normally I hurt in all kinds of places from the impact on the pavement so if this is also you then try going off road and seeing what you think. Oh and it must be good for you core muscles because my stomach muscles hurt as much my legs, so I know they are getting a good workout!

On a personal note, I don't think I'll be awarded anything for my speed or distance today, but I had a big smile, and if you couldn't see my bright yellow shoes then the wheezing and rasping that came from me would certainly have failed to hide me.  I'm already looking forward to doing it again, although I may need a stretcher to get me to bed.  My legs hurts bad!
Anyway thanks for reading this, I'll be back to bikes on my next blog I promise!
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