Thursday, 28 July 2011

Plans are Afoot!

Well its been a few days.  I've been a bit preoccupied with looking after my children as its the summer holidays.  The sun is shining today for once and right now I'd love to be out on my bike.  In fact I've been rather dreamy of late.  I'm getting an appetite for racing again.

Scott X Tri Series
Last year I just couldn't find the motivation to train.  I did a months worth.  The weather turned bad and I found myself sitting on my turbo trainer more times than I really cared for.  I just didn't have the desire for it.  I was more happy just to go out for a ride with my mates and enjoy that.  However, I've noticed that without my usual goals I have lost so much fitness.

Fitness is for those that have it an addictive thing.  There is no worse feeling than riding your bike up a hill and struggling when before you would have managed it with ease.  Riding becomes very hard and then suddenly not as enjoyable.  This is often a point I see people giving up on their bikes often never to return.  It just becomes to hard to bother with.  Those who ride every so often who aren't fit anyway probably don't even notice this fall from grace.

Yet, I now find myself with THE desire again.  Its not that I see myself winning.  I know that is just a silly dream.  I do see myself however, competing hard to my best ability.  So my plans for next year are to race some of the Nutcracker mountain bike series. .  That'll be my summer ambitions anyway.  Then in Autumn there are two Off road Duathlons that have struck my fancy.   .Hopefully by next year my running will be a bit more efficient than it is now.  Its taken me a week to recover from my last running session!!

Now I'm not going to go mad with my training.  I'm realistic.  I have a family and a job and little free time.  I think I can squeeze 6 hour a week in so I'm going to have to train clever with those hours!  I'm hoping that I've still got the motivation to train come winter!  Hopefully see some of you out there and no doubt I'll be telling you of my pains and adventures as I prepare for the season.  In the meantime its running again tonight and a big ride on the weekend :)



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