Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back Out On The Roadie

Well I got out on my roadie today which felt great. For the last year I've not been very in love with being out on the road. My rediscovered of the mtb, love of being technically tested has pulled from the dark side and back to my routes. My skinny wheeled machine has only been used on the same bland route to work and back.

Not sure what gave me the urge to go out, maybe it was the purchase of my lovely new Sky Team kit, or maybe it's just that we've had so much rain recently I couldn't be chewed with a muddy ride.

Anyway it turned out to be a good ride. Id grumbled on Facebook about my legs feeling like anvils on my ride to work, basically feeling heavy and tired with no power. Come today (Sunday), I felt like a different rider. A machine, a train my legs like pistons. I've not trained all year and my riding has been sparse. So I was surprised to find that my route time to be comparable to last year.......when I WAS training.

This kind of got me thinking. I spent all winter, spring, summer riding doing intervals, racing etc and I could still only produce a time that was marginally better than today. What is with that? Maybe I just am training totally wrong?! My legs are usually a good guide to my fitness. They take on this trim square edged and toned look when I'm fit and flabby when not. They look toned. Surely me taking up running can't be the reason for this change?

Think the real tell will be when I'm out with friends. Trip to Glentress hopefully loomin. That'll be a good test for the legs :)

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